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The Best Time to Send Email Newsletters (Here’s What Studies Say)

For any email marketer, the first big challenge is determining the best time to send email newsletters so that they are opened.

Anytime that works for you is a good time to send emails. But make sure that when you establish a schedule you actually follow it. It’s okay to send some random emails especially when launching new products, but don’t send them out too frequently. Otherwise, you become a nuisance. You don’t want to become a nuisance, do you?

What time you send your email newsletters greatly impacts your email open rate but, according to statistics, there is not a precise time when you should send your emails out.

According to the statistics you have at hand, success in email marketing is measured by the number of people who open the email – open rate – and the number of people who click on a link on your email – click-through rate. However, and quite obviously, the click-through rate entirely depends on the open rate. Hence, to get a better click-through rate, you need people to open your email. This is greatly impacted by the time you send out your emails.

So when should you send out emails considering you want to establish a strong long-term relationship with your customers/subscribers?

What Studies Actually Say About The Time You Send Out Emails

For starters, you have to appreciate the fact that you operate in a different time zone from your customers – especially in the eCommerce world. The time you schedule sending out emails hence may not work out well.

In this blog post, we will entirely focus on creating your own posting time, rather strategy, in order to see a positive impact on your email marketing work. Forget whatever they say online and focus on your business growth strategy.

When sending out an email, the very first thing that you always consider at the back of your mind is whether your email will actually be read. You are counting on it being read and most probably an action is taken.

According to a census study by GetResponse, people send over 20% of all emails on Tuesdays making it the most popular day to send. The most common argument for this, and it still baffles us, is based on the idea of Monday Blues. Some surveys have found out that we experience the most professional and emotional stress on Tuesdays. Supposedly, the pleasure of the weekend allows us to coast over into Monday, but on Tuesday, the reality of work sets in. Weird right?

Surprisingly, however, emails sent out on Tuesdays have an overall open rate of 18%. This is the highest record compared to any other weekday. Saturdays have the highest open rate at 20.7%. However, not as many emails are sent out on Saturdays, so the variance can easily be explained.

When To Send Educational Emails

If you are trying to decide on the best day to send an educative email or an email course, Tuesday is a sensible default (only if it goes well with your growth strategy). Take advantage of those high open rates early in the week which may translate into some click-through rates but don’t be too optimistic about it. Remember it’s all about your growth strategy. Share an update, send out a blog post, or even educate your readers. Don’t keep it only marketing. It can get boring at times.

On a higher level, if you really want your subscribers to take any action, do it later in the week. According to studies, the highest CTR occurs later in the week, probably on a Saturday or Sunday. During this time, email volumes are lower and people finally have time to read all their emails. Don’t forget about your growth strategy.

A quick and worthwhile example, if you wanted to drive sales into your store, which is according to our strategy, you’ll most probably consider doing it on a Saturday morning. You’ll keep in mind your subscribers’ timelines, your growth strategy and based on your open rate statistics send them out in the most appropriate Saturday time. However, if you only wanted to educate your readers, then a Tuesday would be the most appropriate time. We will not include any calls to action, and if so, only one. Your aim on a Tuesday will not be to make them buy, rather you’ll be aiming at educating. For instance, you may send out how to kind of emails.


The time of day when you send your email newsletters owns the biggest influence on open rates.

While, according to some studies, most people check their emails in the morning, they’re usually trying to start their day on a productive note. This means anything unnecessary will likely be trashed or archived without being read. On the worst, deleted without opening. While your newsletter is valuable, it can easily fall by the wayside in the face of morning’s work-related stress. This could explain why the highest email open rates are actually in the afternoons and evenings.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t send your newsletter in the morning. NO. You actually can. But what matters most is the kind of content you are sharing and your strategy. At this time, you should make it easy to read through. Most readers only skim through the post. What they see should impress them. Your actual aim in the email should be clearly visible. All that should be in your mind is making sure that they see what you want them to see.

Studies recommend using infographics at this time. They are easy to comprehend and if you add colors, they stick more into the mind. This way they may get the urge to come back and check out wassup.

Know Your Audience

Having a strategy is what you should work on. Knowing your audience is part of the strategy. If you have the right tools then you already have enough data to conduct an analysis. At Relevon you can create automatic campaigns and schedule your emails for an entire year.

Just like we insisted on our previous blog, your customer is your stone and pillar, you should aim at impressing them at all costs. Understanding their preferences should be your breakfast.

Is your customer a busy entrepreneur such that they only check emails over lunchtime or a small business owner who gets home late? What persona descriptions do you have? Is your email related to what they are doing or what they aspire to do? work-related? or is it for leisure? If work-related, then what is the best time to send them out according to the statistics you have at hand. I am not going to insist on a Tuesday or Saturday, but rather I am going to tell you that the statistics you have are all that matters. From those statistics make sure you understand your customer inside and out.

Your Key Aim

Your key aim should always be being part of your audience’s daily schedule. The only way you can achieve this is if you have a strategy. Make it part of your strategy to meet their needs at the most appropriate time. If segmentation is all that it takes, then do it.

General emails don’t work out well, according to statistics.


In the current world and with the fast advancement in technology, you’ll always find the best tools for building a strategy. Keep in mind that in order to see a positive ROI, you need to have a growth strategy. Feel free to test, plan, strategize, understand your customer and send email newsletters at the best possible time.

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