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The 3 Main Tools To Improve Your Email Deliverability

Wether you’re sending transactional emails, an email newsletters to thousands of people or simply personal emails to your colleagues, ensuring your email gets delivered to recipient’s inbox is quintessential.

In this article we’ll come a set of easy to use tools that will help you understand and improve your inbox deliverability. Ready? Let’s get started.

Mail-Tester allows you to check in a few moments, if your cold email may look spammy to other email servers and thus cause your email delivery rate to drop. It’s very easy to use, plus you can check up to three messages a day for free. You just go to their website and copy the email address generated for you. Then you send your email to this address and you get a report.

Talos (formerly known as SenderBase) allows you to check the reputation of your email server IP or your domain by ranking you as Good, Neutral, or Poor. Good means there is little or no threat activity. Neutral means your IP address or domain is within acceptable parameters, but may still be filtered or blocked. Poor means there is a problematic level of threat activity and you are likely to be filtered or blocked.To do a free search, you just enter the name of your domain or your IP to Talos, and click search.

Another useful tool, based on a simple idea, which allows you to check how your message will be seen by, and delivered (or not delivered) to major email hosting services, including: Gmail, Outlook, GoDaddy, Hotmail, Yahoo, Apple and many more. Simply send an email to the address provided on the screen. Something like: and you’ll receive a report showing your inbox delivery score.


For best email marketing performance, it’s essential to always be in control of your email reputation. By taking advantage of these tools and a variety of data points (bounce rate, open rate, blocking rate), you’ll have a clear overview of how the mailbox providers view your emails. All of these data points are signals of whether or not your mail is seen as wanted by recipients. In conclusion, the more proactive you are with your email deliverability, the better the returns.

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Andrei Negrau

Andrei took on a mission to make email marketing relevant, more personal, more efficient through Relevon, an AI-powered email personalization solution for world's most innovative e-retailers.