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How to Black Friday | 2020 best practices

Black Friday is the most popular shopping day across the world. In 2018, more than 14.8 million sales were processed on that day. And, in total, Black Friday Sales brought in more than $6.2 Billion from online sales.

In 2018, brick-and-mortar traffic on Thanksgiving and Black Friday fell as much as 9% over 2017 while e Commerce sales increased by over 16.7% compared to the performance in 2017.

According to, in 2019 Black Friday online spending will surpass the $12Billion mark. Actually, based on the same survey, more than 61% of the people surveyed, say that they will do most of their holiday shopping online.

The question is, are you prepared to be part of this equation? Let’s take a look at how you can make the best out of this years’ Black Friday purge.

Create a Black Friday Promotional Calendar

As much as Black Friday is a single day, falling on November, 29 this year, it is a month long process –typically referred to as Black November these days, so you need to start your advertisement, offers, and discounts, with an eye on the big day, early enough. Planning is what will get you through this and guarantee positive returns from your side. The beauty is in that, with a plan in place, you know exactly what you should be doing, at what time, at what cost, and how much you should expect from each promotional adventure.

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What to include in your promotional calendar?

1. A Black Friday buzz-building campaign - include a countdown, deals and specials using ads and emails.

2. Sneak peeks on door crashers and other amazing sales that will go live during the days leading up to and on Black Friday.

3. A cross-cutting omnichannel promotional strategy - sms, email, social media and so on.

4. Post Black Friday deals.

5. Life after Black Friday - There is life after Black Friday so you definitely have to put this in your calendar. After all, Cyber Monday, falling on the first Monday after Black Friday is yet another big shopping day.

Add new Products

Customers love browsing through new products. Whether it's a first time customer, a customer who has bought from you only once, or a frequenter, new products will always pique their curiosity. With an offer or discount on the new product, the curiosity may trigger the opinion/action to purchase.

According to Marketing Sherpa, in-store browsing is one of the best ways through which customers discover new products. So make sure you add personalized recommendations there and bank on this!

Why you should add new products for Black Friday
It will give the shoppers a new shopping experience

They will be intrigued by this new experience and as such, they will be triggered to buy the new products. If not so, then they will know that you are selling certain products and it might catch on after the vibe of the big day.

It will save on your cost of advertisement

You are running ads targeted to your store at a go. Specifically, you are crystalizing on Black Friday sales. This means that you are getting traffic into your store, exclusively for Black Friday sales, but consequently on other products in your store. This saves you some money in that, promoting the same products, assuming that you launch them after Black Friday, will cost you an extra dime. The additional choice of new products could equal additional sales without the extra cost of promotion.

On the other hand, you could add new products that are exclusive for Black Friday just to boost that day’s sales. Make this more intriguing with a countdown timer. This tool should do the trick:

A deal per hour

Having an hourly deal covers several bases at once. Most importantly, it encourages spending and you are mostly looking for more sales. On the other hand, the fact that the deals are changing overtime, encourages customers to keep coming back.

Far from this, it boosts your organic promotions through word-of-mouth simply because you are having new deals after every hour. I would most likely recommend a friend or two to check out your store. This increases the likelihood of more sales.

On top of this, consider offering deals on all items in addition to the deal of the hour. For instance, if you are offering 50% off everything, then your deal of the hour could be 70% off or higher. This will boost the attractiveness of your store to customers, hence the likelihood of more sales.

Don’t forget to have a homepage banner for each time you have a deal, it could even be a customized pop-up.

Also, it would help to make sure that you promote your deal across all social media channels. You can automate this by using Buffer.

Take advantage of hashtags

When marketing for Black Friday, you should take great advantage of Instagram's hashtags such as #blackfriday #cybermonday #sale#blackfridaysale. These will boost your visibility within the crowd, allowing you to reach customers who are specifically looking for deals on these days.


Take site performance off the table

Your site should be optimal and as such it should be prepared for Black Friday's sale volume. Downtime is an unwanted enemy for both business and customers.

We are looking at delivering a great experience to customers on this day and as such, a slow or unresponsive site will trigger a bounce. This can impact your sales through the number of customers you lose.

Remember, there are other stores offering more exclusive deals for the same products you're selling. However, the customer found you before them, so don’t lose the customer due to a site performance issue that you can take care of.

You can check the server load capacity of your store using


Sending tailored, personalized marketing messages to the right people at the right time will increase your odds of conversions and sales.

89% of marketers say that personalizing their sales, resulted in an increased ROI. Are you part of the 89%?

On the other hand, 63% of shoppers expect their purchase history to guide personalized experiences from brands. What are you doing?

How about offering that specific product at a discount to that specific customer specifically on Black Friday?

If you have VIP customers, entice them with exclusive VIP offers. Trust me, they will buy if the offer is good enough.

Use your email list

Email marketing is everything if you are looking for "deep-personalization". Marketing Is evolving and if you have been on the lookout, businesses are making enormous profits entirely via email marketing.

For this Black Friday, segment your list, get to know what your customers like, forecast on what they are most likely to buy on that day and based on what you gather, automate emails that are more than just persuasive.

Further, consider which email designs to use, what times to automate at, what products to feature on your emails, all that jazz. Consider using GIFs, personalized videos and don’t forget that as much as the content counts, the emails design matters the most.

Go beyond Black Friday

Black Friday is just one slice of the pizza. The holidays are long and this Black Friday will be a long shopping weekend. It's important to consider your approach during all five days (from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday) and beyond.

Plan an engagement strategy to turn your shoppers into loyal customers — especially if they’re first-timers.

Help them take advantage of not just your best Black Friday deals, but all their opportunities to shop online with you.

You can do this by creating a unique shopping experience for your audience by leveraging recurring email marketing, engaging on social media and sending abandoned cart notifications.


As Chase Fisher says it, you can’t go into Black Friday and put 15% off, 20% off and expect to do well. Everything comes down to your offer - it’s the one timeout of the year you can lower your prices without feeling like you’re losing brand integrity.

Happy Black Friday Selling!

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