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Dynamic Newsletters Best Practices

In the digital marketing world, reaching out to your audience and getting them to engage is getting more and more challenging. Competition is spreading out everywhere and demand is getting incrementally higher. We all want to drive customers down the purchase funnel so we try any method until we succeed. But some methods are not healthy, neither for the customer nor the brand. 

What you actually want to do is improve your customers’ experience, strengthen their brand’s loyalty and nurture existing customer relationships. All while getting a substantial ROI, undoubtedly.

In this article, you’ll learn the best practices of dynamic newsletters, from what makes them different from regular newsletters all the way to how to benefit the most out of them.

Dynamic Newsletters vs Regular Newsletters

Unlike the traditional, bland, regular newsletters, that allow users to deliver the same content to a specific audience, dynamic newsletters are campaigns with content that changes automatically every time an email is blasted. The dynamic algorithm is based on store-wide activity and powerful data-gathering. 

This unique feature allows you to not only enhance your sales and loyalize your customers, but also to save time while doing so.

At Relevon, there are 4 types of dynamic newsletters: New Arrivals, Bestsellers, Trending and Personalized.

  • New Arrivals type lets you keep your customers updated with the latest products added in store.
  • Bestsellers type enables you to engage with your customers by showcasing the most popular items in store.
  • Trending type showcases the products which are getting the most traffic in your store.
  • Personalized type uses artificial intelligence (AI) to display the products each individual customer is most likely to purchase based on user behaviour.

Moreover, crafting dynamic newsletters with Relevon is a one-time job, removing the need for content creation and curation. You can schedule an entire year-worth of dynamic content, in just two minutes. 

  1. Select the recurring schedule (Daily or Monthly)
  2. Choose the dynamic content type (New Arrivals, Bestsellers, Trending or Personalized)
  3. Customize the template & use dynamic tags
  4. Launch

In the New Arrivals campaign below the 6 healthy beverages that were the most recently added, will change the next date the campaign is scheduled on.

Dynamic Tags & How They Work

Dynamic tags are the key to creating that personal bond between you and your customers. Their role is to personalize the email journey, building trust and connecting with the audience.

The most common dynamic tags are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Product Title

If you are using Relevon, there are a few perks you’re probably already aware of and love. 

When using the Product Title tag in the subject line, you don’t have to worry about your customers seeing the same subject line every time an email is sent out, as the product itself changes automatically from the product list you have customized in the template. 

Here’s an example of how it looks in the inbox. 

Best Practices To Hit The Inbox & Convert Your Customers 

When it comes to dynamic content, you want to optimize your entire strategy. This means, you’ll have to carefully select the schedule, craft your subject line and customize the overall content of your email. Don’t forget, the goal here is to avoid a spammy approach as much as possible. 

Let’s go through each step and see some real examples.


For any email marketer, the first big challenge is determining the best time to send email newsletters so that they are opened. The truth is, there is no such ‘best time’. Every store has to find out the right days and hours by simply testing out. 

Studies have shown that emails sent out on Tuesdays have an overall open rate of 18%. This is the highest record compared to any other weekday. Also, surprisingly, Saturdays have the highest open rate at 20.7%. However, not as many emails are sent out on Saturdays, so the variance can easily be explained.

So, test, test and test some more.

Subject line

Your customers are shelled with emails every single day so you need the secret sauce to getting them to open yours. In order for the open rate metrics to spiral upwards you have to be personal, real and adopt spam-free practices. We described all these in another article you might wanna check out.

Your scope is to write subject lines that will make your emails stand out in your customer’s inbox. 

  • Keep it simple
  • Avoid being salesy 
  • Be personal and relevant
  • Provide value

If you’re sending your newsletters with Relevon, you’re lucky. The dynamic tags keep your subject lines fresh and clean, while creating that trust customers crave. 


If the subject line is what grabs your customer’s attention, the content is what makes him/she convert. 

Spam-free copywrite applies here as well, so make sure you avoid pushy, salesy words like ‘Buy Now’ ‘One-Time Deal’, ‘Free’, ‘Limited Time Only’ or false statements like talking about massive on-site sales that are not real just to make people click on the email. Read more about email spam trigger words here.

The good thing is, Relevon’s minimalist template keeps everything neat and relevant to the customer, emphasizing the dynamic products. 

In the example below, Flow Nutrition, used an eye-catchy banner with a real person holding an appealing açai bowl and didn’t include any copywrite, letting the dynamic products talk for themselves. 

Key takeaways

Dynamic newsletters enable you to create content that changes dynamically every time an email is sent out. This way, you increase customer LTV (life-time value), loyalty, engagement and ultimately, grow your store.

Keeping the content relevant and personal is what will set you apart from the infinite advertising your audience is facing on a daily basis. 

Let Relevon do the heavy lifting. We eliminate the struggle of always having to think and manually pick the right products for each campaign, by unlocking dynamic content and recurring scheduling. 

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Lisa Popovici

Lisa is the co-founder of Relevon and Head of Marketing.