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7 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability

Practical ways to ensure your emails land right into your subscribers’ inbox.

Email deliverability 101

Let’s begin with a simpler question: what is email deliverability?

Put simply, email deliverability is the ability to deliver an email straight to your subscribers’ inbox. Simple right?

How do I improve my deliverability? As simple as it seems, this is a mind-boggling question for most marketers. It involves a critique analysis of your emails, setting up a consistent schedule and quite interestingly, getting rid of those free email domains.

In this article, we'll focus on actionable ways to ensure your emails land right into your subscribers’ inbox.

1. Use a separate email address for promotional emails

You are using one company email (i.e. for everything, including sending promotional emails. You have a right email schedule and a neat email template in place. However, you are not seeing great ROI from your campaigns. What could it be?

Top brands set up a separate email addresses exclusively for email campaigns (i.e. Having done so, not only your brand will stand out with a different kind of email, but it will also increase deliverability.

2. Set up a consistent sending schedule

One major cause for a low domain reputation score is random and erratic email sending activity. If you are not maintaining a regular schedule your emails, it creates sending spikes. With Relevon, it takes seconds to build a consistent email sending schedule. When creating a new campaign, simply pick the frequency, the days of the week and the sending time. Boom, you're done.

Create recurring email campaigns in seconds with Relevon

3. Check out for spam words

In our previous blog, we focused extensively on Spam Trigger words used in Subject lines. However, to boost your email deliverability, you should not leave it at that. Ensure that your email content does not have any of those spam triggers. Be careful with your use of your salesmanship language. Keep in mind that although your email may not be filtered out as spam for using the word “Marketing” once in your content, using it 4-5 times may provoke a spam alert. Sometimes it is all about the frequency with which you use those words. The best piece of advice- keep your email content smooth with a personal touch and you will witness a great boost in your deliverability score.

4. Polish out the email list

We want our emails to be read because that’s what ultimately counts. We should hence make sure that we only address our emails to individuals, not companies. What do I mean? Simply put, an email sent to has a better chance of being read than one sent to Your emails should be addressed to individuals and customized for those individuals. If you send hundreds of identical messages, you’re just dropping leaflets. The people who get the leaflets may get annoyed by them, and mark you as a spammer. Even a few manual spam reports can get your IP into blacklists.

5. Set up your SPF and DKIM

In previous blogs, we have extensively looked into these terms. Please make sure to check them out. Essentially, you need to add these two records to your server configuration to make sure that you don’t look like a spammer to other email servers. Clearly, it is completely not cool to be in the spam box. Make a point to set them up if you have not done so already.

6. Send emails at just the right frequency

Too many emails can burn out your subscribers. Too few emails can dry your revenue.

So what do you do to maximize deliverability? You send just the right number of emails. But what's the right number? It ultimately depends on the level of engagement your list has, your industry or your brand voice.

A good benchmark is 1-3 emails per week. Relevon's unique ability to select the frequency and schedule of every campaign allows you to build out sending reputation, while keeping your subscribers happy.

Set the right frequency automatically in Relevon

Brand your “from” sender name

A quick and easy way to reduce spam complaints is using your brand’s name in your “from” line. It’s also been proven to improve open rates.

People crave human connection, thus more and more companies choose to use a front person, an individual, to drive up their email marketing. Give your emails a personal feel by using something like "Emily from".


First step in driving ROI from email marketing is ensuring it gets delivered in your subscribers inbox. Step two, get creative with subject lines and engaging content.

At Relevon, we're using dynamic content personalization to enable ecommerce brands increase revenue, while building better customer relationships. Curious how it can help your brand grow?

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Eric Mumo

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