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10 Subject Lines That Actually Convert

We all craft unique Subject Lines for our emails so they are opened. That’s what’s in our mind every single time. Not only when you hit the send button, but from the moment you decide to sit down and craft an emailing strategy. Maybe even before that. Getting them opened resonates in our mind like that lyric in Hailey’s song we can’t stop singing. However, our open rates are still unflinching. Immotile, frozen, motionless, stagnant and rooted. On the worst, maybe the open rate graph is spiraling downwards. But mostly stuck on the mud like a driver’s truck.

The secret to getting them opened and for your open rate metrics to spiral upwards lies in adopting the use of Subject Lines that actually convert. Keep in mind that as much as subject lines are what the subscriber sees before he/she decides whether to open your email, they should avoid some common Spam Trigger words otherwise they will not be seen.

Take a look at some of the most opened types of Subject Lines.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Subject Lines

Most people are loss aversive, as such, they will jump into any opportunity that reduces their loss base. So to say, people react more strongly when they feel that they are about to lose something. This presents a perfect opportunity to grab their attention and trigger an action. However, you should make sure that the offer is very valuable so that they are nervous.


  1. Diadora: “Style and Elegance, even on clay |Diadora sale with up to 50% off.”
  2. Everlane: “Today Only: Free 2-Day Shipping.”

Curiosity Subject Lines

Why do you stalk your friends on Facebook or Instagram? Or rather, why are you always pressing on the next episode of a series if the last left you in awe? The reason is the same, curiosity, and is a sure way to get your emails opened. As Hubspot says, “curiosity prompts action and in the world of email, action often equates to better engagement rates.”


  1. Sephora Insider: “You NEED to see this new eye treatment.”
  2. LOFT: “Just wait till you see these skirts”

Funny Subject Lines

Humor, if presented to the right audience and in the most appropriate manner, grabs attention and brings about engagements. Most probably, your subscribers’ inbox is full of boring unopened emails, if you swim on this then you join the club, however, if you fold a smile on their obstinate face, then you stand out and your email gets opened.


  1. BloomThat: “Better than a pumpkin spice latte!”
  2. Groupon: “There are no deals in this email”

Benefit Subject Lines

Sometimes, all you need to do is tease a benefit to compel your consumers to open your emails. Show them what they stand to gain and they will open your email. NOTE: Tease benefits NOT features.


  1. J. Crew: “Your summer outfit dilemmas SOLVED”
  2. Yelp: “Keep from Melting with These Iced Drinks.”

Personalized Subject Lines

What do you do when an email subject line, reads out in your first/last name? Open it, right? The trick is that personalized subject lines make the subscriber feel special and compelled to open the email.


  1. LinkedIn: “Eric, people are looking at your LinkedIn profile”
  2. Sendlane: “Eric, We’ve Got a Special Offer Just for You!”

Reengagement Subject Lines

For one reason or the other, we all lose a customer at some point. It could be because of our prices, job constraints or merely our content. Reigniting them, on the other hand, is hard, however, creatively drafted reengagement subject lines can help re-spark their interest.


  1. Dollar Shave Club: “Hey, did you forget to open this?”
  2. Airbnb: “Pick up where you left off”

Emoji Subject Lines

Emoji’s create memorability, grab attention and at the same time create contrast. In an inbox full of email subject lines without an emoji, your one email with an emoji stands out increasing its chances of being opened. Emoji’s also trigger emotions and there is not a better marketing strategy than that which plays around with emotions.


  1. StubHub: “Great deal alert! Zac Brown Band at Fenway Park for a steal.”
  1. IMPACT Branding & Design: “IMPACT Live: Last week to save

Social Proof Subject Lines

What are other people doing? Why these subject lines convert is based on a very simple analogy. Quick question, why are you most likely to buy from a restaurant that has some people than that without? Trust, authenticity, quality, and effectiveness come into play. Subscribers get many emails, tell them what people are doing and they will come right into your restaurant.


  1. Patagonia: “Top reviewed styles from customers like you”
  2. Yummly: “Most Popular Recipes this Week”

Announcement Subject Lines

Sendlane says that Subject lines that announce or introduce something new help remind subscribers that they’re getting VIP access to content others aren’t. How would you feel if even before the latest iPhone 11 was launched, you received an email on the same, straight to your inbox, would you slide, or open it?


  1. Diadora: “Mythos MDS| A new breed of running shoes from Diadora”
  2. Sendlane: “Introducing List Hygiene! The Automated Way to Clean Your List”

Pain Point Subject Lines

The most traumatizing insult is that which hits hard on your person. Why? Because they show that your opponent really understands you. When it comes to subject lines and if you want your email opened, then banking on your customer pain point is a sure bet. As Optinmonster puts it, if you really understand your buyer persona, you should know their biggest pain points. Use those pain points to get subscribers to open your emails by solving that problem for them.


  1. Pizza Hut: “Feed your guests without breaking the bank”
  2. Sephora: “Your Beauty issues, solved”


It’s easy but it’s hard. It’s a dilemma that clears out with time, however, remember practice only makes perfect if you are aiming at improving. Give it a try with those subject lines and your email marketing game will be top-notch. To say the least, the truck will find a hard ground to move on.

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Eric Mumo

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