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2019 Marketing Trends in eCommerce You Need to Know

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The Essential Email Planner - A better way to organize and plan your email newsletters | Product Hunt Embed

The Essential Email Planner

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Planning your email campaigns just got better. Organize, design and collaborate with this no-frills (free) tool.
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Why should I be using an email planner?

If your job involves sending email campaigns, chances are, you need a way to manage all that good content.
The Planner was created for marketers, growth hackers, entrepreneurs and pretty much anyone who is looking create an email strategy before implementation.
Suitable for any vertical: ecommerce, SaaS, consulting. You name it. It's totally free so why not give it try?
Streamline your flow
Drive more growth
Always in the know

Customer marketing. Like never before.

Fuel ecommerce growth with personalized marketing at scale, in minutes.
I've been looking for a solution to fully automate my emails for a long time. Relevon helped me personalize everything easily, plus I got the first sales through the first email. It's a must-use to increase your customer LTV.
Radu D. - Udarely
Relevon it's probably the fastest way to personalize your email campaigns. We're seeing fantastic ROI from day 1.
Cristian D. - Carla Brillanti

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Ready to double your
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