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Email Deliverability Expert

Oradea / Remote
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About Us

At Relevon, we’re building the future of commerce.

We are an (ambitious) startup so:

  • We are driven by passion. Working in a startup ain’t easy, but loving what you do is the key to meaningful work. We are passionate about helping businesses grow and that’s what pushes us forward everyday.
  • We play hard, but we work even harder. Think of us as small guerilla team ready to tackle any roadblock.
  • We find ways to make it happen. Thriving as a startup means being relentless at finding solutions. Looking for excuses won’t help us succeed, but action will.

We are looking for an Email Deliverability Expert to join our Deliverability team, which will ensure that emails are successfully delivered into our customers’ inboxes. This work involves remediating blacklists, identifying spam traps, working with ISPs to optimize sending rates and working with clients to make sure they send email using best practices. The Deliverability team is currently looking for an experienced professional in email deliverability and compliance.

What we are looking for

  • 3 years experience of email delivery, ISP or ESP relations or similar experience with large scale email campaigns
  • Technically relevant degree or equivalent professional qualification
  • Flexibility to work unusual hours when needed
  • Thorough understanding of the terminology used in mass email.
  • Thorough understanding of ISP procedures (feedback loops, postmaster pages, etc.).Solid technical foundation on DNS, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.
  • Thorough understanding of reputation management tools such as ReturnPath and MxToolbox.
  • Understanding of blacklist/spam trap causes and remediation.
  • Understanding of CAN-SPAM and other international email regulations.

In a typical week as an Email Deliverability Specialist at Relevon you’ll

  • Maintain strong relationships with our Customers, ISPs, Product Teams, Support and Success teams.
  • Research and keep informed on Deliverability as a Subject Matter Expert for Relevon
  • Attend and participate in industry events around Deliverability such as MAAWG, EEC and more
  • Investigate, diagnose and remediate email deliverability issues by working with customers, internal teams and with tier-one support at ISPs, email blacklists and anti-spam technology providers.
  • Build and maintain relationships with ISP postmasters
  • Proactively manage IP reputation and deliverability for all of our clients and enforce compliance and best practice sending behaviours.
  • Manage internal reputation management tools and the distribution of Relevon IP addresses
  • Provide expert advice and respond to sending concerns out of scope for deliverability (but may be indirectly related)
  • Work closely with product and engineering teams to build out best in class email deliverability tools for customers and employees
  • Create client deliverability reports and present to client findings and recommendations
  • Respond to deliverability related support tickets or customer concerns, delivering best practice to Support team for customer issues, being the expert escalation on specific customer issues
  • Own new client onboarding, domain customization, and off-boarding with regards to deliverability issues
  • Support Relevon sales with deliverability best practice advice and solutions for potential new clients
  • Support Relevon’s Marketing activities; creating regular content for Marketing from a Deliverability and Compliance basis
  • Execute Webinar(s), Create Video(s), How-To’s and Best Practice articles

What will make you successful

  • You like solving puzzles – enjoy analytical problem solving, conducting in-depth investigations, reviews, and audits into member email sending practices to ensure adherence to program standards
  • You know this market – have knowledge and expertise to translate the data into solutions that will enable companies to execute on their email marketing strategies and aspirations
  • You understand the technology – have a strong knowledge of network protocols and DNS and the technical aspects of email systems and authentication – SPF, DKIM, DMARC.
  • You are fluent in Data – Ability to interpret and troubleshoot email headers and SMTP logs as well as bounce messages and non-delivery reports
  • You love working with customers – an ability to communicate clearly and professionally with technical and non-technical members.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • You love to build things – have a desire to build services around your expertise and translate this knowledge to others
  • You are a team player – ability to work on a team, as well as independently, in fast-paced environment and help others succeed

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